Chris Jones, Hypnotherapist. Hypnotherapy in Storrington, West Sussex. 10 reasons (to chose me as your therapist)
10 Reasons to choose a Quest-trained therapist

My aim was to provide that little bit more, to set me apart from other therapists and to ensure that every client ends his/her treatment fully satisfied with the outcome. An assortment of testimonials is shown below.

  1. My training was carried out at the Quest Institute, by Trevor Silvester. This is one of the top Hypnotherapy schools in the country.
  2. I was a registered member of the CNHC (Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council), which is the national regulating body for the profession as a whole.
  3. I was a member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy. It has a code of practice and a grievance procedure.
  4. My approach was warm, relaxed and informal; so that each client is quickly put at his/her ease. Treatment is totally confidential and non-judgemental. Every effort will be made to ensure that each therapy session is an enjoyable, as well as a rewarding, experience.
  5. Goals were agreed with the client before the beginning of treatment. This ensures that the outcome of each treatment can be assessed against expectations, to ensure total satisfaction of the client.
  6. Each client was treated as an individual and the content of the therapy is structured around this concept. There is no one-size fits all mentality.                                                                                                                                                                                     The following points were specific to me, but would mostly apply to colleagues within Quest also       
  7. If, at the end of the information-gathering part of the first session, either, you, or I do not think that hypnotherapy would be suitable for you, then there would be no charge for that session.    
  8. The price structure was simple and fair; taking into account my 10 years experience in the field.                                                           
  9. I did not believe in extending treatment longer than is required to achieve the agreed goals.
  10. I had 10 years experience and have had over 600 clients.