10 Reasons to choose me as your therapist    
  1. My training was carried out at the Quest Institute, by Trevor Silvester. This is one of the top Hypnotherapy schools in the country.

  2. I am a registered member of the CNHC (Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council), which is the national regulating body for the profession as a whole.

  3. I am a member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy. It has a code of practice and a grievance procedure.

  4. My approach is warm, relaxed and informal; so that each client is quickly put at his/her ease. Treatment is totally confidential and non-judgemental. Every effort will be made to ensure that each therapy session is an enjoyable, as well as a rewarding, experience.

  5. Goals are agreed with the client before the beginning of treatment. This ensures that the outcome of each treatment can be assessed against expectations, to ensure total satisfaction of the client.

  6. Each client is treated as an individual and the content of the therapy is structured around this concept. There is no one-size fits all mentality.

  7. If, at the end of the information-gathering part of the first session, either, you, or I do not think that hypnotherapy would be suitable for you, then there would be no charge for that session.

  8. The price structure is simple and fair; taking into account my 10 years experience in the field.

  9. I do not believe in extending treatment longer than is required to achieve the agreed goals.

  10. I have 10 years experience and have had over 600 clients.

  11. My aim is to provide that little bit more, to set me apart from other therapists and to ensure that every client ends his/her treatment fully satisfied with the outcome. An assortment of testimonials is shown below.

    Client lacking confidence

    Well as far as confidence is concerned I am a different person, I doubt I would be intimidated by anyone now. In fact people around me have been amazed just how strong my character is.

    Client suffering a fear of snakes

    Since my session with Chris, I will now watch snakes on TV, look at them in books and also talk about them without feeling sick and panic in my stomach

    Anxiety sufferer

    I just wanted to let you know that i am doing really well since i last saw you. The fear of being sick has subsided greatly. The panic and anxiety has also improved massively.

    Client suffering from stress

    I must admit that I was initially rather dubious as to the effects of your approach, it just seemed too simple, but I have definitely felt much more relaxed and positive ....

    Client with self esteem and alcohol issues

    I certainly have my feelings of self worth back again and i am very confident in my decision making. No problems with drinking at all, in fact consumption was down by 70% on most days.


    I have8#146;t given smoking a second thought since the session! Yay! I am delighted to say the hypnosis was very successful.

    Client with phobias

    The driving on motorways and work in the gym are going well. It8#146;s so nice to be able to push my heart rate up without thinking that I’m going to have a heart attack..

    IBS sufferer

    Everything seems to be going well, stomach is very much better, I have been out for the day a few times and no thought of a toilet enters my head. I am doing the EFT everyday and my blood pressure is coming down steadily doing the train of thought you gave me to do. I am looking on the bright side and not the negative side, which is a great improvement for me, all thanks to your help as I feel more positive in myself and my confidence is improving slowly.

    Parent of young client

    My daughter found the whole experience very exciting and most enjoyable with chris. She was very impressed with the outcome and wanted to go every day. Overall Chris, your treatment with P has far exceeded my expectations.

    Panic attack sufferer

    I have had a very good couple of weeks, was a little kind of groggy after the last session but once the mist cleared - slept much better, panic incident free, feeling quite chipper and very much feel like I have hopefully turned a corner.